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Cup Lock System

Cup Lock System is specifically designed for all types of support and access structures and mobile and independent towers. Available in vertical and horizontal forms, these have confined mobile top cups made of malleable casting and fixing bottom cups made of high quality steel. The design is sturdy and heavy to tolerate rough site handling and any kind of damage.

Made by – 40 NB ‘B’ class tube conforming tol S1161/1239
Provided with – 500mm c/c (standard) and 1000mm c/c (optional)
Cup-lock vertical – cup joints welded at 500mm or 1000mm gaps

Two types of cup lock system are available:
Vertical cup lock system
Horizontals cup lock system



  • Sturdy and heavy design
  • Easy to handle
  • Can be erected for curved, straight and circular pattern
  • Suitable for both support as well as access structures
  • Highly resistant to damage
  • Modular construction
  • Least space constraint for storage, when not in use
  • Tolerates rough site handling
  • Forged blade ends


3.00 m15.0 kgs
2.50 m12 5 kgs
2.00 m10.0 kgs
1.50 m7.5 kgs
1.00 m5.0 kgs
0.50 m2.5 kgs
2.50 m9.5 kgs
2.00 m7.5 kgs
1.80 m6.5 kgs
1.50 m5.5 kgs
1.25 m4.5 kgs
1.00 m4.0 kgs

Permissible load

Main liftVertical loading
1.0 m5700 kgs
1.5 m4500 kgs
2.0 m3300 kgs
2.5 m2300 kgs