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Shrinkage Limit Test Apparatus

Shrinkage Limit Test Apparatus is specifically designed for determining the shrinkage limit of soil. Conforming to specifications and tolerance in accordance to I.S. 2720 Part VII, this apparatus comprises of high grade components with accurate dimensions.

Standards- IS 2720 Part VII

Heat Resistant, Unbreakable Design
Accuracy in Results, Rust Proof


The Apparatus Includes

  • Porcelain evaporating dish- approx 12cm diam
  • Shrinkage dish of monal metal- 45 mm internal diam X 15 mm high
  • Glass cup- 50 to 55mm diam X 25mm deep
  • Perspex prong plate with three metal prong- 75mm square
  • Spatula made of stainless steel with wooden handle- 20mm width and 80mm long
  • Glass measuring cylinder- 25ml X 0.5 ml graduation
  • Mercury in bottle- 500 gms